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Care & Support

We operate one of the largest directly managed care and support services in Wales. In 2014 we provided care and support services for over 6,000 people and on average, provided over 2,600 hours of domiciliary and extra care per week.

Care and support services *Total (6,001)
Floating support (including partnerships) 1099
Day care 250
Live bonds 406
Advice and mediation 4,246
Domiciliary care 2,618 hours per week

*Further statistcs can be seen in our 2014 annual review available here


Pop up Talent photo March 2014Our focus is on promoting inclusion, aspiration and wellbeing through positive change. We always aim to ensure we provide good quality and value in our service offers by being responsive, creative and flexible in the way we provide our services. 

Our range of housing, support and care services actively ensure that the people who use our services gain a real enjoyment from living in their homes. 



To establish a reputation for excellence, innovation and leadership in the support and care of people founded on promoting inclusion, encouraging aspiration, enhancing wellbeing and ensuring dignity and respect.


We are person-centred in all that we do. We respect that each person has their own particular needs, preferences and aspirations. Our core values are founded on respect for individual rights and responsibilities and respect for diversity. Ensuring the involvement of people we support and care for is central to our approach. Our values are ingrained in all we do, in our behaviour and the environments we create for people.


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Independent Foster Care Services radio station. Training young people to use the radio and produce shows which matter to them, from Antisocial Behaviour to top popular music shows.


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