Housing with extra care

The garden at Play Y MorMany older people end up living somewhere they are not happy to be, simply because they don't want to be a burden to their family. Moving after an accident or an illness can leave you with little time to think about your options. You can make positive choices about your future by planning ahead.

You may be thinking of moving or you have to leave your home because of life changes or health problems. If you value independence and privacy and want control and choices in your life, then extra care housing can help you to:

  • Rent and live in a home of your own
  • Support you to keep your independence
  • Utilise 24 hour care services if needed
  • Stay together as a couple or with friends
  • Keep control of your own finances
  • Choose to be private or join in our social activities


The following schemes use extra care as an additional service. This means you still rent a space of your own within the scheme. Its your home, with 'extra care' being utilised as an add-on service to support your independence within the scheme.  


Over 55s housing schemes with Extra Care services


Our residents

"Perhaps I could have stuck it out alone in my terraced house a bit longer - it all felt a bit of a rush moving here straight after my accident in the town, but I'm content now, and I feel secure".

Anna, an extra care housing resident for nine years


"Losing my home after my heart attack wasn’t good but I was very lonely and couldn’t cope with the garden and housework. Here, I get the help I need, my flat is cleaned and the washing done. I feel on top of things now".

Iris, an extra care resident for three years