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A word about our logo

A word about our logo

Gwalia logoAt Gwalia we’re proud of, and passionate about, all parts of our business. As we continue to grow and diversify we want to ensure the Gwalia name and the values it signifies are at the heart of everything we do.

Our website at is already a single point of entry into all of our services. From December 2013 we will combine our existing customer publications into one magazine and in 2014 we will bring all of our services under the Gwalia brand name and logo, rather than continue to use separate ones for Gwalia Care and Support and Gwalia Neighbourhood.

The impact of this will be minimal at an individual level but will result in a single corporate identity for our 1500 or so staff and greater visibility across the entirety of our services for customers and partners. In practice it means you’ll see our Gwalia logo more and our departmental logos less, at least once we’ve used up any remaining stock (Waste not, want not after all…!).

If you have any questions about this change, please do contact us at