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Be a Nice Guy (B.A.N.G) Be polite on Halloween night!

Be a Nice Guy (B.A.N.G) Be polite on Halloween night!

Be a Nice Guy poster As Halloween and bonfire night both draw nearer, South Wales Police and local communities are once again asking members of the public to remember to "Be a Nice Guy (B.A.N.G)" and "Be Polite on Halloween Night".

Operation B.A.N.G is a community safety initiative being rolled out across Wales to help reduce the number of anti-social behaviour incidents that police are called to deal with during the Halloween and Bonfire Night week.

As part of the initiative, they are reminding people to respect those who do not wish to be disturbed and also asking that those who are out celebrating take care when knocking on doors. 

To ensure safe and responsible trick or treating for everyone over the Halloween period, keep the following in mind when you're out and about:

  • Young children should never go out trick or treating without being accompanied by an adult.
  • Never go into a stranger’s house. Ever.
  • Better still, don't knock on the doors of strangers, only go to the houses of people you know.
  • Keep to well-lit areas with street lighting and always carry a torch and wear bright clothing.
  • Remember road safety and watch out for traffic on the roads.
  • Keep your tricks light hearted and within the law. If you cause any damage to property or injure others, you can be arrested and prosecuted.


Children, don’t be offended if your local shop does not serve you with eggs or flour! Police have been working with local stores to discourage their sale to young people.

It's easy to forget that vulnerable people or those that live on their own may not wish to be disturbed at this time so take care not to frighten elderly or vulnerable people. If a house is displaying a 'no trick or treaters' sign like the one pictured here, respect their privacy and please don’t knock on the door.

If you don't wish to be disturbed on Halloween, you can download and print this poster distributed by South Wales Police [pdf] 684KB.