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Drop in to our #TechyTeaParty @tapestricafe on Tue 9th September

Drop in to our #TechyTeaParty @tapestricafe on Tue 9th September

Techy tea party To promote digital inclusion we are holding a Techy Tea Party in association with Caer Las and Communities 2.0 at Tapesri in Swansea (Idris Davies room) on the 9th of September.

Anyone who uses our services can drop in between 11am and 3pm for some friendly advice, a cup of tea and a biscuit.

The idea is from a campaign run by EE, making technology more accessible through informal gatherings and offers of support offering:

  • Support to get online
  • Advice on getting an email account
  • Filling in forms online
  • Useful apps
  • Using My Gwalia access portal
  • Tips on universal jobs match website
  • Social Media (twitter, blogging, facebook) and privacy
  • Using google docs to store your CV and other documents
  • Some consumer advice
  • Help with your own device, be it laptop, tablet, mobile, camera etc
  • We can also help you to find answers to techie problems you may have

Try your hand at Wii sports on the big screen, and learn how games consoles can be used to encourage physical activity keeping your mind and body active as well as social interactions.

Receive support or help for your digital needs at the event fill out the digital delegate form to be entered in to a prize draw.

If you have your own device and are having trouble or find it confusing bring it along and we can find a solution together. We will also have some laptops and tablets on hand for you to have a go on.

If you are confused or wondering what  is the difference between IOS and Android, windows and chrome OS, twitter and facebook,  buzz feed and BBC news, come along and make up your own mind.