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Exploring collaboration with Seren Group

Exploring collaboration with Seren Group

Gwalia and Seren Group logos

We are pleased to announce that we are undertaking initial discussions to explore collaborative working with Seren Group, a Newport-based group of Registered Social Landlords who provide a similar range of services to those of Gwalia.

A joint Steering Group will look at the benefits of working more closely together, what forms this could take and the potential benefits for our customers.

Both organisations will explore this new collaboration from positions of financial, operational and reputational strength with a strong commitment to the delivery of great customer services. 

Amanda Davies, Chief Executive of Seren Group, said: "There seems a natural fit between Gwalia and Seren in terms of values, geography, services and ambition. We want to explore whether working more closely will let us achieve more than we can do alone and do it better, creating more affordable homes and bringing more benefits to communities in Wales. However, no outcomes are pre-determined and there will be full consultation with the customers, staff and other stakeholders of both organisations."

Our Chief Executive Michael Williams says of the collaboration: "The social housing sector is already a very collaborative one, likely due to its aims and objectives, exploring further collaboration opportunities with Seren - an excellent organisation whose values, structure and services closely resonate with our own - is a logical next step for both companies in seeking the best value and standard of service we can provide."