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Free home fire safety check from Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service

Free home fire safety check from Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service

Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service logo We've teamed up with Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service to offer our tenants a free home fire safety check.

We want to be sure that our tenants and their families are as safe as possible in their homes. This free fire safety check will help our tenants to recognise potential fire risks within their home and know what to do in order to reduce or prevent these risks.

In order to carry out the check, representatives from the Fire and Rescue Service will visit your home, sit down and talk to you about fire safety issues covering areas such as electrical safety, smoking and the use of electric blankets.

image of a cartoon house in flames With your permission they will look at each room in your home, paying particular attention to areas such as overloaded plug sockets, wires trapped under carpets and the use of chip pans and candles. They can also help you to put together an escape plan in case a fire does break out. You will have the ability to ask the experts any questions that you have in respect of your home safety.

The Fire and Rescue Service will be able to enhance the level of smoke detection in your home if they believe that this may be of assistance, for instance if someone within your home is hard of hearing.

If you would like to arrange a home fire safety check please contact your Neighbourhood Housing Officer on 0800 012 1080.