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Graffiti art used to inspire young people into work, training and education

Graffiti art used to inspire young people into work, training and education

Gwalia Graffiti poster Young people living at our supported housing scheme in Barry have used graffiti artwork in their IT suite to create an environment that inspires them while looking for work, training and education opportunities.

The initiative also aimed to broaden the young people’s perceptions regarding employment opportunities and the variety of career paths open to them.

The graffiti art was created in conjunction with independent artist, “Bryce” from Peaceful Progress, a professional graffiti arts organisation based in Cardiff. He talked to the young people about how his hobby had turned into a rewarding career, enabling him to travel the world, design album covers and work with celebrities.

The artwork created by Bryce in the ‘Smart Room’ was inspired by the young people’s aims and ambitions; they use the room to search for jobs or training opportunities, complete application forms, develop their CVs and to contact prospective employers or education providers. The area is also used for training including interview skills and coaching, support and mentoring sessions.

Bryce commented "It was a pleasure to help paint the ‘Smart Room’ in the Gwalia residence, and to help produce a mural that the residents feel they can relate to, and also be inspired by. It’s so important for people to feel comfortable in their environment, especially when trying to make positive changes. This is what my work in the community is all about, and I'm proud to have hopefully been a part of helping to create that environment through art."

Ben Stillman aged 19, said "Bryce inspired me to take on my own challenge, and made me think of graphic design. I then went and created a leaflet which I’m very proud off and my family have seen it which has enabled me to re-open my family connections."

The initiative was part of the Pop Up Talent programme which Gwalia has delivered throughout south Wales, supporting young people into positive career paths. Pop Up Talent works with young people to explore their talents, find opportunities and think about work in a fresh new way, while also building on skills and unlocking potential.

Gwalia graffiti smart room paster Nathan Harding, Skills & Enterprise Worker for Gwalia, commented "Bryce showed the young people that you can make a career out of a hobby and demonstrated that by thinking about what you want to achieve, working with peers or trying something new, together with hard work and commitment you really can achieve great things.

"As a group the young people living at Holton Road decided they wanted a less formal and more comfortable environment to use when looking to progress their careers and just through this one initiative they’ve achieved exactly what they set out to and the completed project looks fantastic."