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Mike Hedges AM Visits our Cam Nesaf young person’s project

Mike Hedges AM Visits our Cam Nesaf young person’s project

Mike Hedges with LKOSS sign Swansea East Assembly Member Mike Hedges visited Cam Nesaf, our young person’s project on 26 June, spending time with staff and local people who use our Supporting People-funded services.

The event follows a similar visit to Brecon Foyer by Kirsty Williams AM earlier in the year. Both visits are the result of Gwalia's involvement in the "Let's Keep on Supporting People" campaign being run by Cymorth Cymru and Community Housing Cymru.

Mr Hedges spent time with young people who benefit from the services provided at Cam Nesaf as well as from other supported housing schemes in the area. He was also presented with a piece of pottery made especially for him. Speaking about his visit he said: "I was really pleased to visit Cam Nesaf young person’s project and see the real benefit it’s giving to a lot of young people, changing their lives positively and making sure that people have the opportunities that many of us just take for granted."

Andrew Vye, our Director of Housing and Support said: "Last year we were able to support 11 young people at Cam Nesaf. However with the Supporting People budget cut by £10 million in Wales this year, we’ve seen over a 5% reduction in our funding here and we’re doing everything we can to maintain the vital services we provide. We are delighted that Mike could come and spend some time with us and find out more about how supporting people funding is being used to make a real difference to people’s lives here in Swansea."