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New Green Homes in Neath are one level away from being zero carbon.

New Green Homes in Neath are one level away from being zero carbon.

Groves RoadNineteen families in Neath have now moved into our new housing development at Golwg y Dre in Cimla.

Golwg y Dre has been built to level 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes and includes various features to make the homes cheaper to heat meaning our new residents can spend less income on utility bills.

Consumer Focus Wales recently announced that 1 in 3 households in Wales are affected by fuel poverty so building sustainable housing allows us to meet the needs of our residents and help them to reduce costs where it counts.

The development incudes Supawall, a timber frame system that reduces air loss, foam insulation, photovoltaic panels, rainwater harvesting and highly efficient central heating systems all of which mean that the homes have achieved 100% energy improvement on Building Regulations requirements. They are just one level away from being zero carbon.

Residents at Groves RoadMichael Clarke, his partner Maria and two daughters have moved into one of the new properties. Our Neighbourhood Housing Officer, Greg Miller (right) presented Mr Clarke with his keys. Mr Clarke said “We’re really happy to be moving into this brand new home, Olivia and Ellie will have a lovely big garden to play in. We’re hoping that with all the environmentally friendly features here, we’ll be able to reduce the amount we spend on utility bills.”

Lesley Penn, our Executive Director of Housing & Community Welfare added, "Not only will these homes be better for the environment by emitting less carbon, but all these features mean that the families who move in can spend less money heating their homes.

“We’ll be monitoring the energy efficiency of the properties, so we can find out what components work really well and offer good value for money. We’ll then look at how we can incorporate these features into new developments in the future.”