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Our Regulatory Assessment

Our Regulatory Assessment

Gwalia's 2015 Regulatory Report from Welsh Government

Welsh Government logo Welsh Government has today (Friday 14th August) published its regulatory assessment of Gwalia.

The report reflects the Welsh Government’s view of our housing services and is based on our own self assessment submission, service testing and engagement with our customers, staff and board of management.

You can view a copy of the report in English or Welsh using the links below:

Gwalia - Regulatory Assessment - English.pdf [pdf] 289KB

Gwalia - Regulatory Assessment - Welsh.pdf [pdf] 291KB

Gwalia’s Executive Team accepts the Regulatory Assessment Report  issued as at July 2015 and are pleased that the report recognises the progress made in the last year.

Over the past year, a comprehensive review of our governance arrangements has resulted in enhanced  governance arrangements and the adoption of  Community Housing Cymru’s Code of Governance. Recognising the importance of tenant and service user engagement, we have worked extensively with service users and staff to improve the engagement of stakeholders involvement in scrutiny and governance and whilst these arrangements are in the early stages of implementation, initial feedback is positive.

We have undertaken a major organisational redesign and introduced a new staffing structure over the last year. Teams, including those at executive and senior management level, have been reconfigured and regulatory experience demonstrates that this new arrangement is bedding in.

Although the last year has been challenging, we welcome the support of the regulatory team and the opportunity to work in the true spirit of co-regulation by developing a plan for future regulator engagement.