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Royal British Legion joins us in Swansea

Royal British Legion joins us in Swansea

Royal British Leigion logoWe're delighted to welcome the Royal British Legion to our offices based on the Kingsway in Swansea as they set up their Swansea hub as part of a wider initiative to increase support and investment in south west Wales.  

The move is the first stage of a partnering opportunity between us and the Royal British Legion which will see them located in our offices from 5th March 2014.

Their work will be aimed at increasing the region’s investment in Wales and the scope of support available to the 400,000+ members of the Armed Forces community who currently live here.

Swansea was initially identified as the most suitable location due to its proximity to most of the Royal British Legion's beneficiaries within the region and the hub will now act as a central point for all operations within the south west Wales area.

We're looking forward to working with the RBL and to seeing them around daily in our offices.