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Self Assessment

Self Assessment

Self Assessment front cover We recently published our regulatory self-assessment for 2015, looking at our organisation and the services we provide as well as a review of sector risks in Wales and how we are working to mitigate them. 

Gwalia Self Assessment 2015 [pdf] 1MB (Please note that hyperlinks to supporting materials have been removed in the web version of this document)

The self-assessment is part of a regulatory framework agreed with the Welsh Government to measure the work of Housing Associations in Wales. 

The overall purpose of the self-assessment is to identify areas of improvement and ask ourselves challenging questions about our services, financial viability, governance and values. 

The areas we identified for improvement during the process include: 

Risk management
Customer involvement in Engagement
Repairs and Maintenance 
Letting & Voids

The Regulator will come back to us after reviewing our submission to look at any risk areas identified.