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Smart Energy GB national campaign for the smart meter rollout

Smart Energy GB national campaign for the smart meter rollout

It’s time to get Gaz & Leccy under control

Gaz and Leccy cartoon characters Our energy meters are due for an upgrade. The technology we use to buy gas and electricity hasn’t changed much since the 1880s, making it difficult to understand what we’re spending, plan the household budget or compare prices.

The national rollout of smart meters is taking place between now and 2020. Homes across Wales will be offered a gas and electricity smart meter by their energy supplier, at no additional cost. Smart Energy GB’s mission is to raise awareness of the benefits to help consumers feel comfortable in saying ‘yes’ to a smart meter.

Smart meters will transform the experience for customers and put an end to estimated bills. The display that comes with the new meters shows you how much you’re spending in pounds and pence, in near real time, making it much easier to figure out what costs what in your home.

For the thousands of households in Wales on pre-payment key meters, the experience is currently pretty inconvenient, but with smart meters you’ll be able to top up your credit over your smartphone or online, as well at the local shop. Many people have told us that they switched to pre-pay to get some control over what they spend and avoid ‘bill shock’, even though they know it costs more. Smart meters can operate in pre-pay or credit mode, but whichever system you have, you’ll have a much better idea of how much energy you are using and what it costs.

Around 2 million smart meters have already been installed across Great Britain and the rollout will continue to gather pace during 2016. You can get a lot more information on our website, including links to what each energy supplier is doing to upgrade its customers’ meters.

For more information on the work of Smart Energy GB in Wales, visit their website at or contact Fflur Lawton,